About the Kenosha Running Club

Founded by Kenosha’s Jim Ryan in 1978, the Kenosha Running Club has become a gathering place for local runners of all ability levels—from casual runners to avid racers and ultra-marathoners. Our goal is to promote and expand running, health, and fitness in the Kenosha area while contributing to the community through our support of charitable causes and volunteer opportunities for our members.

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Group Runs

We offer weekly group runs and over 100 members of all ability levels to help you reach your running goals. You’ll find support, whether you’re looking for company for a few miles or training for a marathon. We’re a big enough and diverse enough group that you’ll almost certainly have at least one other person your pace to run with. In fact, our paces range from 5 min–14 min per mile, with the largest amount of members right in the 10 min pace range.

Our main group run is on Saturday mornings at the Kenosha harbor. We meet at 7:30 am at the flagpoles located at the corner of 52nd St. and 6th Ave in Kenosha. We meet year-round, regardless of weather. The general route is 6 miles (3 out and 3 back), but anyone can run more or fewer miles as desired. Those training for longer runs usually start before 7:30 am and often loop back at 7:30 to join up with the main group.  Most of us, when we first joined, thought 6 miles sounded like a lot, so we’ll understand if you want to run less. There is usually more than one person running 4 miles or less, and new runners can easily turn around with them or at any point. But the most important part is that we all end around 8:30/8:45 and gather at The Buzz (5621 6th Ave) afterward for coffee, bagels, and to talk about our running shoes and watches.

You may also join us on Tuesday nights for hill repeats at Petrified Springs Park or track workouts on the UW-Parkside track. The Tuesday run times and locations can vary depending on the season, so visit our Facebook page to find a group and meeting time.

Q: I am slow or new to running. Will there be anyone my pace?
A: Almost certainly. The biggest pace group is in the 10-minute range, and there are plenty of members who run 11-14 min miles. On Saturday runs, you will often find someone doing a walk-jog, whether because they are coming back from injury or just new to running. Show up on Saturday morning and you will almost certainly find someone to run with. If you are nervous and want to find a partner ahead of time, posting on the Facebook page is the best way to find similar runners.

Q: I am fast and serious about improving my race times. Will there be anyone to challenge me and help me improve?
A: Almost certainly. We have some very accomplished runners in the club, including those who regularly compete in the Boston Marathon and those who typically bring home the trophies in local and international races. The Tuesday track workouts are especially helpful for those who are serious about improving their times.

Q: I am training for a marathon or ultra-marathon. How do I find people who are running the distance I need on Saturday?
A: The best way to find people who are running a certain distance and pace is to look on the Facebook page. By Friday afternoon, members usually begin posting their start times and paces for their Saturday long run, and you can usually find someone ahead of time there.

Q: It’s snowing/freezing/pouring rain/blistering hot out. Is the group still running?
A: You bet.

Board Members

Dave Dusenberry, President
Jose Wence, Vice President, RRCA Coach
Brian Falcone, Race Director
Patty Bauer, Activities Director
Jeannine Krueger, Secretary
Omar Flores, Board Member
Pam Norris, Board Member
Paula Swisher, Board Member
Lisa Dretske, Membership Coordinator
Troy Holm, Treasurer