KRC Races

Kenosha Running Club puts on two races each year: Turkey Day Run and Harvest Moon Run.

Mayor’s Turkey Day Run

Held on the morning of Thanksgiving Day, the Mayor’s Turkey Day Run has been an important community event for many years. The race started in 1906 with a few poorly outfitted and trained participants and was run irregularly up until the early 1950’s. When the running club was founded in 1978 its first activity was to reinstitute the race on a regular basis. Early races tended to be five miles in length but since 1978 the race has consisted of a two mile sprint and a 10K. Today the race has grown into a large community event that has close to a thousand runners. Throughout the event’s long history, the races have been held on beautiful sixty degree days or during early winter snow storms.

Harvest Moon

Held on the 3rd Wednesday evening in September, the first Harvest Moon Run started at seven in the evening and was held the evening of the Harvest Moon. This event welcomes both elite athletes and recreational runners, and for many, this is a family event. The race has grown from about 50 entrants at its first running to over 400 entrants in 2013.

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